Who Are Dexterisys Consulting?

Welcome to Dexterisys Consulting – we’re a different type of consulting firm and I’d like to take a few moments to explain why.

To start, I know we get a lot of questions about our name – it comes from latin for the word ‘right’ – and that’s what we’re about, getting it right for you so that you can get it right for your customers – first-time.  That means more loyal customers, who return to buy from you again and again and at lower cost to your business, so more profit.  It’s a simple formula.
So what do we do?
  • We’re Interim Managers – that mean we join your team on a long-term basis to work with your management team.
  • We’ve brought together the best of many techniques, such as Lean thinking, agile management, customer relationship management and customer experience management in our ‘Complete Approach‘  and that ensures you get a comprehensive strategy to manage your customer’s experience and reduce your costs when you do.
And we’re different because we’re flexible, working with you the way you need us to and we like to think we’re the ‘listening consultancy’.
So why not give us a call now on 0870 974 1911 and let us come an listen to your problems and come up with solutions to your problems together.  What have you to lose?
Thanks for listening.