Stress and Work/Life Balance

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Demonstrating a clear need for productivity training and stressing the benefits of being organized

How safe are you from office germs? The average person touches 300 surfaces every 30 minutes. Measuring ATP levels (molecules found in all animal,vegetable,bacteria, yeast, and mold cells), with 100 meaning “needs to be scrubbed” and 300 “officially dirty”, the following showed levels above 300:
–75% of break room faucet handles
–48% of microwave door handles
–26% of refrigerator door handles
–23% of water fountain buttons
–21% of vending machine buttons
Best Choice Reviews survey, 2013

–One-third of employees maintain chronic stress. Women report higher levels of work stress than men.
–54% feel they are paid too little for what they contribute.
–61% said they do not have enough opportunity for advancement (2/3 of women and 30% of men).
–50% do not feel valued at work.
American Psychological Association survey, released 3/5/2013

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