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surfing-aloneI’ve been back in the waves this week.  It’s becoming a habit.  I returned to it after many years away and I’m loving it.   As I fell once more into the water today, I started to think about the lessons I was learning and how they could be applied to my business.
Surfing is all about the timing, getting onto the wave at the right time and then using the power in the water to propel you forward.  Last year I was obsessed with working out which was the right wave – trying to work out whether the to catch the third one in the cycle or the fourth.  I soon learned that if I didn’t catch the right wave, then there was always another coming along.  This year I’ve earned that if you are good enough to get onto the right part of the wave, you can surf anything.
Lesson – stop looking for the right business idea to fllow and get good at delivering on whatever you’re doing.
I really didn’t spend much on equipment in years gone by, I just didn’t think it was worth it.  Last year I got a fairly cheap board and thought I’d make do with that  This year, I’ve splashed out on something really expensive and I have been stunned at the results!  You can really tell the difference.
Lesson – It is worth putting that capital into the new website and marketing effort – particularly if the lesson on timing has been learned!
I hope to learn more lessons tomorrow!!

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