Bringing control to an organisation


The Client’s Problem : BT Global Services had operated ‘in country’, each country operating as separate business, but in order to transform the performance of the business, the units had been brought together to allow reporting across the division, however delivery of client projects was compromised and senior managers were unsure the root cause of problems from the data that was being presented to them.

The Solution :  Engaged to produce the business case and headed the programme for a budget of £11m, which transformed the reporting of key performance measures for all executive scorecards in financial metrics and customer services operations.   Workshops were facilitated to ensure that all in country processes (stakeholders included Vice-Presidents and Business Directors, based in Europe, USA and Asia-Pac) were adopting standardardised approaches to defining the beginning and end of process.  An agile approach was taken to bring the existing data sources into an Oracle datawarehouse with reporting to a web-based portal which was refreshed at least every 15 mins from source systems.   The team of 150 across 8 workstreams was split across IT and business change with team members based in Los Angeles, Reston, Sydney, Brussels, Amsterdam, London and Pune.

The Outcome :

  • Delivered a solution which included presenting data to senior managers in a new and engaging way to ensure focus on appropriate issues.
  • Bottom-line improvements in first year of operation were £10m.